Website Designer Sells Lingerie Designer

Website Design Cheltenham has been asked to Sell the Lingerie Designer

Website Designer Cheltenham has been asked to Sell the Lingerie Designer
The new Designer Lingerie Sales consortium has asked the Website Design Cheltenham to build, promote and generate sells of upmarket lingerie.

Having already improved, optimised and increased sales for Sandra Dee’s online lingerie site, it was a logical extension of the existing process to extend the brand to an eponymous high traffic site.

Accordingly having already researched, registered and set up a high traffic keyword phrase domain to maximise the potential for sales not just here in the UK but globally- as the demand for ladies’ apparel is also global.

To that end we set up a Secure Socket Layer on our webserver and optimised the keyword phrases to maximise potential. We then automated the product download and input process to make the whole process as efficient as possible-  we are old and experienced enough to remember the “dotcom” bubble when the financial city woke up to the potential for websites to automate manual processes.

Since then of course there are a number of new processes that an online retailer can do to maximize the sales funnel by focusing on the customer and her requirements and needs. And with 20 years expertise we can certainly do that.

If you want your business to make you more leads and sales by improving your online business and online digital marketing and sales conversions, please contact us NOW or ring us on now on 01242 521967 to see how we can help you to make money as well!contact website design cheltenham