Jack Straws Wins Sales on Black Friday

With Black Friday in full swing one of our clients Jack Straws Baskets is winning new traffic and sales!

Jack Straws Wins Sales on Black Friday

There’s a growing hysteria about Black Friday and Cyber Monday next week, but here is no doubt that there is a lot of traffic and sales being generated today.

But to succeed on Black Friday and Cyber Monday requires careful planning.

One has to get the search engine optimization right. And gets newsletters, emails and texts out to customers and potential customers. And make sure that the site loads quickly and easy to navigate when they do arrives. As well as provide great value products backed up by sales staff to answer any queries that people may have.

Recent research has  found that 78% of shoppers say the right price “always” drives them to buy, while 71% say free shipping, and 60% say valuable promotions. “Always” factors on logistics include being in stock and ready to ship (73%) and fast delivery (66%).

Other key findings included the statistic that 59% of millenials had bought as a result of past social engagement (50% of all consumers), and that 55% of millennials would be prompted to visit a website as a result of social media (45% all consumers).

Meanwhile, four in 10 would buy from a retailer because of a quality mobile app or web experience, and nearly 40% said they planned to order more products this year on mobile than last year.

The result – if you get it right are ringing shopping carts and sale order apps. Which we are pleased to report are exactly what the Website Design Cheltenham‘s Straw Baskets UK supremos at Jack Straws are experiencing.

So, if you want your organisation’s website to make you more traffic, leads and sales by improving your online digital marketing, please contact us NOW or ring us on now on 01242 521967 to see how we can help you to make money as well!
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Website Design Cheltenham posts ARG Newsletter

ARG ElectroDesign Ltd– the global supplier of digital transmission systems have again asked Website Design Cheltenham to help them update their newsletter.

Website Design Cheltenham posts ARG NewsletterThe Website Design Cheltenham have been helping ARG for a number of years- and are as the Managing Director Mr Neil MacTaggart recently described us- “their go to website marketing guys”.

So it was a recent pleasure to recieve from their Marketing Director a call to help them with another e-newsletter.

The brief was to design a new e-newsletter template, adapt their creative “look and feel” style, add thier newsletter content, create and import a multi thousand new email database, test the e-newsletter- making sure that it complies to UK Data Protection laws and requirements and then broadcast the e-newsletter- all within a time senstive frame.

Oh and naturally within budget.

The ARG product range provides a one stop shop solution for cost effective and reliable Primary Distribution to terrestrial  transmitter sites, or any point of secondary distribution, of any compressed signal, for any Digital Terrestrial Single Frequency (SFN); DVB-T, DVB-T2 , DMB-T/H, ATSC or ISDB-T network.

The flagship Media Combiner platform ARG EASY, ( aggregating ASI, IP and RS232/422 ) can be used on any telecommunications network infrastructure from Gigabit Ethernet to legacy SDH/PDH.

So, if you want help with creating and sending emails and e- newsletters for attracting new customers and new business- please contact us now or ring us on 01242 521967 now to see how we can help you make money.

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