Website Design Cheltenham creates multi million pound business

Website Design in Cheltenham has created a multi million pound business for one of our clients

Website Design in Cheltenham has created a multi million pound business for one of our clients

Just a couple of years ago Website Design Cheltenham was approached by James Kenwright to help him develop a website- which was to be key to his new business venture.

Mr Kenwright knew that having a highly search engine optimised and very well placed site on the search engines would be a fundamental requirement in making his business take off- which is training helicopter pilots in Gloucestershire.

Thus he researched the search engines including Google and found us pretty well ranked in the first page. So he knew that we knew what was required to help him.

We started by designing a logo, then researched the potential keyword phrases that his potential students would be looking for, registered a domain name based on those phrases and then built him a site based on all of our knowledge.

Thereafter we constantly updated his site with relevant content marketing- all of which we feed into Google and other leading search engines.

As with any new site we cautioned against getting immediate results, but over the next few months he steadily climbed the rankings and after only a few months he overtook his competitors and now is regularly ranked at Number One for all of his major keyword phrases.

As Mr Kenwright freely and regularly admits- “Website Design Cheltenham is his secret weapon in his battle against his much larger competitors as he does no other marketing at all.” And the effect on his business? After less than three years his business is now turning over multi million pound sales.

Naturally we are delighted to be associated with James- and his flourishing business at JK Helicopter Training. It is a delight to be helping a genuine gentleman and bright businessman who is passionate about the successes of his students. Whilst we may be able to get potential recruits to his front door- James is the one who through his caring professionalism is the one who converts them into pilots.

So, if you want your business’s search engine optimisation and Google digital marketing capabilities to take off into the millions please contact us NOW or ring us on now on 01242 521967 to see how we can help you to make money as well!
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