Website Design Cheltenham reappointed to Chamber ecommerce board

Website Design in Cheltenham’s head Simon Dye has been reappointed to the Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce’s ecommerce board.

Website Design in Cheltenham's head Simon Dye has been reappointed to the Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce's ecommerce board.At the Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) last week our Simon Dye was unanimously re elected to be the Chamber’s Ecommerce board member.

Part of Simon’s brief is to expand the number of members and also to increase the Chamber’s income. On the former front the Chamber reported at it’s review that membership has expanded by 20% over the past year.

In addition both it’s income and profits rose over the year to their most profitable levels in the past three years.

The Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce has been at the heart of the local business scene since its launch in 1904 providing an independent, powerful voice for our members.Whether you’re a new business, an SME that has been trading for years or a large multi-national, the numerous benefits the chamber can offer you and your company include: Helping you in raising your companies profile, providing business support and advice along with business training and guidance, assisting with lobbying representation as well as access to free legal and accountancy advice.

All of this combined creates the perfect opportunity for you and your business to be seen and heard by others whilst providing a solid platform for your company to grow.

With deep roots within the local business community and strong links with Borough and County Councils, local media and other organisations, the Cheltenham Chamber of Commerce also provides the perfect stage for you to raise issues that may affect your business at both local and national levels.

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