Website Design vital for helicopter trainers

Website Design Cheltenham is “vital” for Gloucestershire helicopter trainers James Kenwright.

Website Design Cheltenham is "vital" for Gloucestershire helicopter trainers James Kenwright. Two years ago James Kenwright approached us at Website Design Cheltenham to help him build a new site for his business of training helicopter pilots based at Staverton, Gloucestershire airport.

Whilst James had over twenty years experience of training helicopter pilots to pass thier PPL(H), he had always worked for others. Now he wanted to run his own training business.

He also knew that the a website would be the most profitable and practical way to build his business- so he needed someone who was very search engine optimisation (SEO) savvy.

The natural way to find a seo expert was to search Google- which is how he found us. But our SEO expertise was only part of his process- he wanted a local business which could understand his approach- and in whom he could trust and depend.

So after a couple of meetings together we were hired and I’m pleased to say that we have both grown from strength to strength since.

At our annual review meeting recently James commented “Simon has been absolutely vital to my business. We depend on our website to generate new business for us and we have been profitable every single month since my business was formed.”

“Every month we get new applications and new approaches so our business is growing and they are all coming from our website- so Simon’s SEO expertise is pivotal to our business. I’m happy to call them part of the James Kenwright Helicopter Training team.”

Praise indeed!

So, if you want to increase your business and your website’s sales then please contact us NOW or ring us on 01242 521967 now to see how we can help you to make money as well!
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