UK shoppers top online spending league

Shoppers in the UK spend more online per person than those from any other country in the world.

Shoppers in the UK spend more online per person than those from any other country in the world.Analysis from Internet World Germany found that British shoppers spend an average of £1,050 a year, followed by the US, with £1,001. German shoppers came in third place, each spending an average of £915 via the internet each year.

Within Germany, found the analysis, the top 10 online retailers generate more than a third of total ecommerce sales. Amazon Amazon is the most popular online shop, with sales put at more than £4.9 billion, while fashion retailers Otto and Zalando recorded sales of almost £1.5 billion and £659 million respectively. Online accounts for 15.3% of total retail sales, excluding food.

“The average ecommerce spend per head spend in Germany is not far off UK and US levels,” said Saskia Müller, head of Internet World Germany. “With domestic and international online brands continuing to understand what’s important to German consumers and adding value to their services, there’s a lot of room for growth in an already mature market.”

However in the UK mobile’s share of visits to UK retail sites has increased to 64%.

Smartphone shopping is now the default for  U.K. shoppers with 64% of all website visits to retailers last year coming from mobile devices, according to digital market intelligence company, SimilarWeb.

The study revealed that on average 64.54% of visits to all online retail sites in the U.K last year were via mobile phones, compared to 35.46% for desktop. This reflected a further 2.63% increase for mobile’s market share in the online U.K retail market last year.

The UK now has a bigger share of mobile phone shopping than the U.S (55%), Germany (43%) and France (35%).  However India remained the standout leader for mobile shopping, with a 65% share, over desktop, last year.

On average, across 2015, all of the most popular 10 UK retail sites, including Amazon, eBay and Argos, registered a bigger share of visits from mobile, compared to desktop visits (see below).

The shift to mobile also represented a retail challenge — while on average U.K desktop visitors browsed 12.4 pages per session in 2015, this dropped to 7.3 pages when sites were visited via smartphones.

Similarly, on desktop, UK shoppers spent  7.21 minutes on an average retail site viewed from desktop last year, dropping  to an average of 5 minutes and 5 seconds on a mobile device.

The UK is now a European leader in mobile shopping, far ahead of France, and Germany.

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