Helicopter Training Gloucestershire tops Google

One of Website Design Cheltenham's clients- JK Helicopter Training are delighted to find themselves at the top of Google's rankings.

Helicopter Training Gloucestershire tops GoogleWe had created a new helicopter website for our client James Kenwright who recently upgraded his training services at Gloucestershire, Staverton airport a few months ago.

James had approached us as he appreciated our professional, affordable website development services and he felt that we could help him progress his own business.

Not so long ago James commented : "I am mightily impressed how you have managed to get me so high up the Google listings in such a short space of time. We are ranked right up there with the big boys. Well done."

However some of the other issues that we had to confront was the he faced a couple of large competitors who have been in business for a number of years- but our skills and experience of helping other organisations was able to beat the opposition.

James said this week: "Looks like we have taken the number one position on google!!! Well done!! That really is something. David is reigning over the Goliaths. That will put XXXX’s nose out of joint. I am most impressed."

Simon Dye- the head of Website Design Cheltenham responded: "It's a pleasure and privilege to help James. He is a true professional- just like us, and also like us he provides a service which is highly appreciated by his clients. So we expect him to grow from success to success."

So, if you want help with your new website and making it a top ranking website for attracting new customers and new business- please contact us now to see how we can help you make money.

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