Freemance Cameraman Mike Sumner tops Google

The Freemance Cameraman Mike Sumner's website now tops Google.

Freemance Cameraman Mike Sumner tops GoogleWebsite Design Cheltenham was recently approached by the freelance camerman Mike Sumner to help him search engine optimise his eponymous website-

The site was built a couple of years ago- but had never been search engine optimised so he wasn't getting any new leads or new business from it.

Whilst chatting to one of our existing clients- who is getting business from his website our client suggested that Mike ring us- which he duly did a couple of weeks ago.

Simon Dye- the Head Optimiser at Website Design Cheltenham did a quick, free review of the site to see what the problems were.

Simon said "The first thing that I noticed was that the site started off with- Welcome to Mike Sumner's website. When I last checked Google's database they had found over three billion websites ranked which similarly start with "welcome". Unless your business is the Welcome Trust or Welcome Hotels there really isn't any point in saying hello to potential customers in this way. You are wasting a huge opportunity."

So we agreed three main keyword phrases and Simon set to work revamping this site and getting the optimisation correct.

As as a result Mike's website now ranks at the very top of Google for his first priority phrase of "freelance cameraman Cheltenham"- and only the first page for a similar search in Birmingham and the second page for Bristol. Whereas previously he never ranked for any of these phrases.

Mike commented "Simon achieved more in getting my site ranked on Google in three days than my previous designers did in three years!".

Simon replied "Thank you Mike- but it's not rocket science- the science is easily and repeatedly replicated whether you are a freelance cameraman or a blue widget manufacturer. Time and again we can get people's sites to the top. We never promise to get a top ranking, but based on what we have done before there is a reasonable punt that we can do the same for all of our new clients. And keep existing ones at the top as well."

So, if you want help with your new website and making it a top ranking website for attracting new customers and new business- please contact us now to see how we can help you make money.

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