LibDems Cheltenham elections betting odds plummet

The betting odds for the Lib Dems to win the Cheltenham 2019 constituency election have plummeted.

The betting odds for the Lib Dems to win the Cheltenham 2019 constituency election have plummeted

At the beginning of the General Election William Hill quoted the LibDems odds of winning the Cheltenham constituency election as racing favourites at 1/10 and the Conservatives were on 4/1.

Since then the latest betting odds see the LibDems constantly drifting out now at 4/9 and Alex Chalk’s Conservative rapidly shortening to 13/8.

The latest Cheltenham constituency general election odds are quoted here.

Cheltonians need an MP from the governing party for future prosperity for our Town.

Whilst there are a number of issues on peoples’ minds the priority for Cheltonian electors ought to be simple – which candidate will propel Cheltenham to future prosperity?

When the Liberal Democrat Martin Horwood was MP from 2005 to 2015 he constantly campaigned to improve the railway station including extending the platforms and updating their car parks.

But as the LibDem MP was not a member of the ruling party he struggled forlornly to get any funding for the station improvements for 10 years.

However when Alex Chalk became the MP – as he was elected from the same party as the Government in 2015 he managed to organise and win the £10 million to achieve the station upgrades within a year. With the improvements being built right now after only a few years.

As Alex Chalk was born in Cheltenham's suburbs and grew up here – as well as living here for a number of years he has considerable knowledge of what the town needs for the future – as well as an excellent record of achieving dramatic improvements.

Another example of Alex Chalk’s Conservative successes is the creation of the GCHQ Cyber Park – a huge £23 million development which will deliver thousands of well paid jobs in the constituency.

Conversely the LibDems want to close the Sandford Park Lido and build dozens of "affordable" flats on the scarce, green land.

All of which concludes that there is only one candidate that will improve Cheltenham’s prosperity- Alex Chalk’s Conservatives, as the odds of the LibDems winning an overall majority are quoted at 100/1 – the same odds as the likelihood of Labour winning the Cheltenham election.


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