Website Design Cheltenham secure the Patisserie Box

Website Design Cheltenham has secured The Patisserie Box site.

Website Design Cheltenham has secured The Patisserie Box site

To improve a website’s Google ranking – which will lead to greater online traffic and better conversion rates with humans and then to more sales and business for Website Design Cheltenham clients’ we are in the process of upgrading our services and securing all of the sites where possible.

To that end we went through The Patisserie Box website and upgraded the pages and images to make sure that a conversion would not create any unintended  issues. We then installed a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) – the little green padlock beside the www domain name in your browser – and transferred the whole site to the new secure server area.

We then needed to repoint Google to the new website to make sure that they would track and rank the new and improved site – so that the overall objective of more business is achieved.

The Patisserie Box Ltd are based in the heart of the Cotswolds and their purpose-built kitchens specialise in high quality, handcrafted patisserie for wholesale customers around the country.

Their dedicated management team work closely with their customers, to meet and surpass expectations through delivering high-quality patisserie and dedication to customer satisfaction.

They deliver all their products in their own temperature-controlled vehicles, ensuring they reach you in impeccable condition. Their diverse wholesale customers include; Department Stores, High End Delicatessen’s, Garden Centres and Farm Shops.

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