Website Design Cheltenham booked by Dyslexia Author Sarah Cowell

Website Design Cheltenham has been booked to help Dyslexia Author Sarah Cowell

Website Design Cheltenham has been booked to help Dyslexia Author Sarah Cowell

Dyslexia author, tutor and assessor Sarah Cowell has just had two new books published- a dyslexia spelling workbook entitled Zebras Spell Really Well and a dyslexia maths workbook entitled Times Tables – It’s a doddle.

To make the most of Sarah Cowell’s hard work she needed her ecommerce website to be updated, but also given a fresh look and feel along with search engine optimisation so that prospective purchasers can find her new books in the first place.

To find someone with the skills and abilities – at an affordable rate she asked her Cotswolds bookkeeping and small business accountants at ESB Accountancy if they knew someone with the attributes. As Cheltenham Website Design built, search engine optimised and continue their online marketing of their own website they kindly recommended ourselves as being up to the job.

So Sarah approached us last month to achieve her goals. We thus set about updating and improving her online bookshop and redesigning key pages of her website to reflect her artistic requirements. As well as of course improving her optimisation.

As a result of our optimisation exploits Sarah Cowell has already has achieved a couple of first page rankings on Google for several of her dyslexia target keyword phrases.

We never guarantee ranking results, but given that we have been working at search engine optimisation for over two decades now we have a pretty good idea how to achieve positive results.

Sarah Cowell is a qualified Dyslexia Assessor, tutor and author who has written a growing number of books and wordkbooks. She is currently helping a growing number of local authorities including Gloucestershire to diagnose children and adults with dyslexia and create a learning framework to help them progress.

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