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Website Design Cheltenham has built up the new Active Yoga Club site.

Website Design Cheltenham has built up the new Active Yoga Club site.

Active Yoga Club was set up to help promote qualified, trained Yoga and Pilates instructors and teachers in the UK and provides information and booking for classes and events.

Yoga originated in India and was an holistic approach to lifestyle including physical, mental, and spiritual practices. It has become increasing popular in the West and practice has also spread to other parts of Asia. The word ‘yoga’ is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘to yoke’, reflecting the fact that yoga aims to ‘yoke’ or link body and mind, enhancing complete well being.

In the West, yoga covers a wide range of styles and practices. Often, the main focus is on physical postures or ‘stretches’ (the asanas), breathing and relaxation-based techniques, often incorporating some form of meditation.

Various forms of yoga exist, from those that fit most closely with its original form comprising a whole approach to lifestyle, through to broad styles such as Hatha and Iyengar yoga and more innovative practices, including Bikram (‘hot yoga’) and laughter yoga.

Currently the UK yoga market is worth £812 million pa with 2.3% growth 2012-17 employing 15,953 people in 4118 businesses. However there was no UK mobile friendly central Yoga facility.

Website Design Cheltenham was briefed to build a mobile friendly, search engine optimised site which will publicise the various Yoga instructors and teachers- and allow people to book classes and events.

With smart phones increasingly dominating online researching, ordering and buying – the need to provide a mobile friendly service is now paramount.

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