Live Entertainment Acts for Christmas

Live Entertainment Acts for Christmas by Livestock Productions.

Live Entertainment Acts for Christmas by Livestock

With the Winter season well and truly upon us one of Website Design Cheltenham's clients Livestock Productions have revamped their online roster of live entertainment acts to reflect the changing seasons.

As such Livestock needed to update their online marketing strategy and tactics.

Accordingly, we reviewed their current approach and benchmarked it against several optimal approaches by their competitors and other "best in class" ecommerce organisations. Which we then used to create a set of low cost but achievable recommendations to better generate traffic, leads and sales.

After all- despite all of the technological hype a website is just about business - and making you money.

A reminder that focussing on the basics never goes amiss.

We then updated the search engine optimisation of their main acts pages and news blog posts. Next we revised their Call To Actions - making it easier once people find the acts that they are interested in to contact Livestock.

Thus the whole approach was about widening the Sales Funnel to not only gain extra traffic, but to convert that traffic into leads.

We also made a few suggestions as to how to improve their handling of those leads to better improve their administration and streamline those quotes, thus speeding up the process which again will improve the chances of gaining extra sales- and profits.

So, if you want your organisation’s website to make you more traffic, leads and sales by improving your online digital marketing, please contact us NOW or ring us on now on 01242 521967 to see how we can help you to make money as well!
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