Health Direct tops Google- above 34,200,000 others

Website Design Cheltenham client Health Direct is topping Google above 34,200,000 other websites.

Website Design Cheltenham client Health Direct is topping Google above 34,200,000 other websites.Long standing client Health Direct  asked Website Design Cheltenham to help them with online marketing in general and search engine optimisation in particular.

As a result we rebuilt the website optimising every page as we went along. In addition we have been managing their content development and marketing- making sure that everything was optimised to maximise the chances of Google correctly ranking them.

Thus Health Direct have steadily risen up Google’s rankings over the years to supercede all of their competitors.

Some people think that search engine optimisation is a “black art” that somehow tricks the search engines to over rank sites. In fact it more like a science- it is a repeatable process irrespective of the product or service that is on offer.

One which we are repeating for a growing number of clients here in the UK- but also a growing number around the globe.

Health Direct UK- news, advice and information about the NHS National Health Service.

Health Direct applauds all of the NHS staff that work and deliver incredible results to patients under pressure from ridiculous amounts of red tape in adverse conditions. However, they deplore the armies of paper pushers that the successive governments have created in their desperate attempt to justify the huge amounts of tax that they wasted on the NHS.

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