Van servicing specialists tops Google rankings

Van servicing specialists ABC Services in Cheltenham tops Google results rankings.

Van servicing specialists ABC Service in Cheltenham tops Google results rankings.Long standing Website Design in Cheltenham client ABC Services regularly appears on the first page of Google’s free results rankings for a growing number of thier important business keyword phrases.

One of the recent business keyword phrases we were asked to focus on was “van servicing cheltenham”.

As a result we created a few specific new keyword phrase pages with appropriate new content which was relevent to the phrases and added call to actions on every page- as without any opportunity for people to contact ABC there was no point in generating this extra, specific traffic unless they create axtra sales and business for ABC.

In addition we created some new extra third party links to these new pages.

The result? We are very pleased to relate that ABC are now ranked not only at Number One, but also Number Two as well for this phrase!

Obviously we have no direct control over Google, but given our decades of search negine optimisation (SEO) expertise and experience we have a prerry good idea of what works for Google- and what doesn’t.

And this repeatable science works for wahtever product or service you want to promote be it blue widgets or van servicing.

So, if you want to promote your business’s key business keyword phrases- and earn more money, then please contact us NOW or ring us on now to see how we can help you to make money as well!
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