11 Plus Tutor tops Google

An 11 Plus tutor Hilary Hayward Tuition now tops Google rankings in Charlton Kings, Cheltenham.

An 11 Plus tutor Hilary Hayward Tuition now tops Google rankings in Charlton Kings, Cheltenham.Hilary Hayward approached Website Design in Cheltenham to update and search engine optimise her 11 Plus Tuition website- which we are pleased to report is now recieving a top ranking on Google for her main keyword phrases.

Hilary tutored her 3 children in verbal reasoning and saw the benefits of this process. They have all been successful in gaining places in local grammar schools. She had already gained experience in helping other parents to understand the Eleven Plus process and they have benefited from her experience.

She has seen how preparation carried out in a relaxed way boosts confidence and aids children to cope with the pressures of the actual exam day. Tuition can take place at her home or she can come to a more convenient location for the parent or child. She is based in Cheltenham, having been CRB checked

Having seen at first hand how expert Hilary is we appreciated the opportunity to compliment her educational prowess. But it is not her tutoring skills which are most effective- it is her interpersonal ability to understand her charges before setting off on their tutoring journey.

Her personalised approach is the key to her success- which is much the same as Website Design Cheltenham process.

Whilst the underlying requirements are the same- each and every client has their own individual needs, which we need to satisfy to achieve overall success.

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WDC at Gloucestershire Safer Cyber Forum

Website Design Cheltenham attended last week’s Gloucestershire Safer Cyber Forum hosted by Gloucestershire Police.

Website Design Cheltenham attended last week's Gloucestershire Safer Cyber Forum hosted by Gloucestershire Police.One of the key findings was that Gloucestershire businesses should contact the Police as early as possible about cyber crime- even before they are targeted.

“The sooner we can become involved the better,” said Garry Lilburn, detective inspector, cyber crime unit, Metropolitan Police.

Current reporting mechanisms are “clunky” and there plans to replace them, he said, but in the meantime, businesses can make direct contact with the cyber divisions of the National Crime Agency (0370 496 7622) UK-wide or the Met Police for cyber crime in London (0207 230 8129) or 01452 752644 in Gloucestershire.

“Businesses can call us to discuss what is happening and get advice without having to officially report a crime and without fear of it leaking to the media or regulators,” said Lilburn, adding that some of the biggest cyber crime cases his unit has worked on have never been reported in public.

“If businesses contact us about cyber crime in action, we can advise them on how to mitigate the attack, preserve evidence, and how to communicate with cyber extortion gangs and even the media if necessary in the case of high-profile attacks,” he said.

However, Lilburn said businesses should engage with police even before they are targeted by cyber criminals.

“We offer a service of conducting table-top exercises with businesses so they can experience what it is like to work with the police in the event of an attack by cyber criminals and learn what kind of information we will need and the kind of questions we will ask,” he said.

“Businesses should ensure they understand what law enforcement can do for them, what investigators are likely to ask for, and what they can do to help any investigation,” he said, adding that they should get their legal counsel involved because they are going to be one of the first points of contact with the police in the event of a cyber criminal attack.

Cyber crime is almost always international in nature, but that should not put businesses off reporting cyber criminal activities, even if they appear to be coming from overseas or conducted through anonymising proxies, said Lilburn.

“While cyber criminals may be based in countries where we cannot reach them, they also like to go on vacation, and often they go to countries where we do have the ability to make arrests, so businesses should talk to law enforcement about the cyber criminal activities they are seeing,” he said.

“Law enforcement should learn from this and also begin to find ways to collect information about bad actors that can be queried by law enforcement agencies around the world,” he said.

“Just because cyber criminals are located in other countries or appear to be anonymous, businesses should not assume we will not be interested or that we will not be able to take action against those responsible”

Many of these third parties are small and medium enterprises that work as suppliers or partners to larger organisations, but these businesses typically do not have the same level of security awareness or resources as their bigger partners.

Indeed part of the out group is Cyber Security Force who are part of the Gloucestershire Safer Cyber Forum- which is founded and run by the Gloucestershire Constabulary.

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