New business floods in for Prestbury Bathrooms

New business floods in for one of our clients- Prestbury Bathrooms.

New business floods in for one of our clients- Prestbury Bathrooms.Website Design Cheltenham were approached by Mark Clay the Managing Director of Prestbury Bathrooms last year to help them rebuild their website and to get more traffic and business as a result.

There are three things that any business needs to do to win new business- whether they are online or offline:

  • Be found;
  • Offer the good and services that people want to buy;
  • Convey the trust that the business will delivery on people’s hard earned money.

We then researched the keywords that potential new customers are using for Prestbury Bathrooms’ services and completely redesigned, made responsive and optimised a whole new website.

Secondly element- the website has to match the new customers’ expectations- which in this case is skilled, great value bathroom design installation services.

Which may sound easy enough until you consider that all of these screens- computer, notepads and smart phones have different dimensions. So all the website’s images have to be resized so that all appear correctly.

Thus when a website depends on it’s images to sell and promote the skills and quality of the business- this becomes a bit of an issue. Thus when a page has nearly two dozen images- and they all need to be resized several times, the process becomes a bit of an organisational task.

The third step is less hard in Prestbury’s case as they are a well established, reputable service with lot of excellent examples and testimonials. They just needed this skilled, professional approach emphasising.

Overall we have managed to promote Prestbury Bathrooms from having three pages listed in Google’s database to having over 40 pages now listed. And we are pleased to say quite a few are now ranked on the first page fo Google for the keyword phrases that Mr Clay wanted.

The business result- Prestbury Bathrooms now have work fully booked for the next four months- as Mark told us today- “Thank you- you must be doing something right we have never been so busy!”

So, if you want help with making money from your website by attracting new customers and new business- please contact us now or ring us on 01242 521967 now to see how we can help you to make money as well!
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