Website Design Cheltenham adds 11+ Tutor

Website Design in Cheltenham has added 11+ Tutor Hilary Hayward to our list of clients.

Website Design in Cheltenham has added 11+ Tutor Hilary Hayward to our list of clients.Cheltenham 11+ tutoring expert Hilary Hayward has been helping local children prepare for the Gloucestershire Grammer schools entrance exam.

Gloucestershire has some of the highest achieving Grammar schools in the country. As such the Grammar school entry process in Gloucestershire is very competitive, as there is no catchment area. Plus many children apply from outside the county.

Having experienced Hilary’s expert tution process at first hand it was only an act of friendship to offer to help her update her website and optimise it in the process.

Tutoring for the eleven plus based in Cheltenham.

She aims to build children’s faith in themselves, to allow them to perform at their best on the day of the grammar school entrance exam.

The verbal reasoning questions that are used for the eleven plus can seem baffling when you first look at them. Many children will assume they can not do them as they have never come across anything like it before. With help and encouragement they realise that they can answer the questions.

The tutoring process allows them to become familiar with the different types of question that can appear in the papers. Tutoring can also expand their knowledge in key areas which also aids the process of answering questions.

She believes that learning to deal with the pressures on the day is a very important part of any Eleven Plus exam preparation.

In addition she is willing to provide one to one tutoring for children who need a third party influencer or support parents in tutoring techniques, if they wish to minimise the number of formal tutoring sessions. The sessions can be adjusted to meet the individual’s needs.

As a result she is very busy, but nevertheless understands the importance pf having a website that matches her professional competence. Which is where we come in.

So, if you want to increase your professional profile- and your website’s sales then please contact us NOW or ring us on 01242 521967 now to see how we can help you to make money as well!
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