Website Design Cheltenham completely rebuilds Andy Turvey site

Website Design in Cheltenham has completely rebuilt the voiceover artist Andy Turvey's site for him.

Website Design in Cheltenham has completely rebuilt the voiceover artist Andy Turvey's site for him

As a long term client of Website Design in Cheltenham the voice over artist Andy Turvey is given regular monthly reports on where his site is ranking on Google for various agreed keyword phrases. As do all of our clients as a courtesy service.

Around Easter time- after Google's new algorithm process review which now promotes responsive ie will work on tablets, smart phones. computers and pods we advised Andy that his site was slipping down the first page of Google.

Accordingly we drew up a list of requirements for him for his new site and Andy helpfully provided some new content for the revamped site.

We started off by rebranding his site from a colourful site to a cleaner, sharper black, white and grey scheme.

Which meant that we had to create a new logo for him. As the site is eponymous it made sense to feature Andy in the logo. So we devised and created a new cartoon logo for him.

Building on this we then transferred his site- which was a series of standalone pages into a WordPress format- which allows us not only to be responsive, but also search engine optimised with the added set of options to add extra facilities and features.

One of the advantages of WordPress is that if it is used properly it can "grow" the number of pages which can get ranked in Google. So for example Andy's site had 25 pages. The site now has more than twice that number now cached in Google.

And the client's view of his new site? " The website is now PERFECT! Just what I wanted! My life is now complete!"

So, if you want a great ranking website which works on all screens- computers, macs, notepads, smart phones and ipods- please contact us now or ring us on 01242 521967 now to see how we can help you to make money as well!
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