Website Design Cheltenham updates ARG site

Website Design in Cheltenham has updated the ARG site.

Website Design in Cheltenham has updated the ARG site
Longstanding client ARG Networks asked Website Design Cheltenham to update thier WordPress website.

Last year we completely rebuilt the site and updated it from a Joomla environment to a WordPress format. This enabled us to be able to improve not only it’s search engine optimisation- but also included making it responsive so that it can be seen properly on computers, notepads and smart phones.

Also- and most importantly for a technology company, we were able to improve it’s security and robustness.

As the world moves on, so ARG asked us to update some of the content, optimisation, layout and navigation. Which were delighted to do.

ARG were founded in 1974 and operates from modern premises in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. The wide range of products that they offer today are based on thire strong technical background in the Telecoms and Broadcast industries.

ARG have built a reputation for reliability and thier customers trust their equipment with their safety and their assets. ARG are proud of thier heritage, and constantly update thier products to continue providing cost effective solutions.

Which is why they asked us to help them maintain thier online presence.

So, if you want help with maintaining your website and improving your global business’s processes and sales- please contact us now or ring us on 01242 521967 now to see how we can help you to make money as well!
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