Cheltenham Website Redesigns Prestbury Bathrooms

The Prestbury Bathrooms website has been completely redesigned in Cheltenham.

Cheltenham Website Redesigns Prestbury BathroomsThe brief by their Managing Director Mark Clay to Website Design Cheltenham was to help then generate more sales and business from their website. This process involved improving the website not only for people but also search engines with our optimisation services.

Then improving the overall quality feel to match their craftwork skills.

There are three things that any business needs to do to win new business- whether they are online or offline:

  • Be found;
  • Offer the good and services that people want to buy;
  • Convey the trust that the business will delivery on people’s hard earned money.

In the online world- a lot of websites fall at the first hurdle- they are not optimised for the search engines. Search Engine Opmtisation (SEO) services are not rocket science- it is repeatable science for any product or services beit selling blue widgets or bathroom design and fittings.

Secondly the website has to match the new customers’ expectations- which in this case is skilled, great value bathroom design installation services.

The third step is less hard in Prestbury’s case as they are a well established, reputable service with lot of excellent examples and testimonials.

As the new website is exapndable, responsive- works on tablets, smartphones and computers and search engine optimised it is no surprise that it is already speeding up Google’s ranking charts and genereating a grwoing amount of online traffic and clicks. So the new business enquiries and sales are only just around the corner.

So, if you want help with updating and optimising websites for attracting new customers and new business- please contact us now or ring us on 01242 521967 now to see how we can help you to make money as well!
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