Payroll service solutions tops Google

The payroll service solutions website of E-Payroll Solutions is now topping Google.

payroll service solutions website of E-Payroll Solutions is now topping GoogleAnother of our redesigned websites is now ranking at the top of Google’s free results service- as E-Payroll Solutions comes out at Number One for their keyword phrase “payroll service solutions”.

Website Design Cheltenham was origonally asked by Rob and Sarah Santoro to help them to generate more new business from their website late last year.

As usual we researched their appropriate high traffic keyword phrases, reviewed their existing site and made a number of recommendations- one of which was to convert the site from it’s then Joomla format to the WordPress format.

We don’t really have a view as to which technology to recommend- it just whether it meets the clients’ requirements.

In this case the site had a number of issues within Google’s Webmaster Tools account- which they flagged and due to the way the site was built there was no easy process that we could search engine optimise the site to Google’s liking within the Joomla environment.

Whilst we initially tried to develop a series of quick wins, it became obvious that fundamental change was needed.

Ergo we ended up with a whole new site.

This new site does meet Google’s requirements- has grown from 28 pages to 112, has increased the number of search engine optimised keyword phrase pages and greatly incresed the overall credibility to potential new clients visiting their website.

Yes it took longer than we liked- but then we never promise success- a top ranking page listing. But based on our 16 years of search engine marketing we usually get there in the end.

So, if you want help with your new website and making it a top ranking website for attracting new customers and new business- please contact us now to see how we can help you make money.
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