Helicopter Training takes off in Gloucestershire

Helicopter Training is taking off in Gloucestershire with James Kenwright.

Helicopter Training takes off in GloucestershireJames Kenwright’s JKHelicopterTraining.com website is really taking off with Website Design Cheltenham‘s help.

At our monthly review- a normal service process to ensure that our clients are receiving great service as well as value for money, we are pleased to see that the amount of traffic that the site is now recieving has gone up by 135% during the month of July alone.

As well as building great search engine optimisation each and every website that we are asked to help with we also help our clients with an ongoing links building process.

These efforts are not just “spammy” links building but with manually finding reputable, search engine ranked websites and then asking them to give links to our clients’ websites.

Sometimes this happens quickly, however at other times it can take several months of repeatedly trying to get a specfic website to add a link.

As a result James said “I really appreciate the effort that you are putting into helping me and am really amazed that we are now outranking some of the big boys for our keyword terms.”

Simon replied “It is genuinely pleasing to help someone who is providing a great, professional service- which is so appreciated by his clients.”

We are professional, award winning internet experts who specialise in helping Gloucestershire businesses- large and small, to make money online since 1998. Not fly by night techies out for a fast buck.

So if you want help with your website and making it a profitable, top ranking website for new and existing customers- please contact us now to see how we can help you make money.

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