Cheltenham Website Design lecture at the UoG

Part 3 of the Cheltenham Website Design's Search Engine Optimisation lecture at the UoG.

seo lecture pt3 icebergThe lecture by Simon Dye of the Website Design Cheltenham spoke at the University of Gloucestershire (Uog) about search engine optimisation and how Google ranks websites.

Unless you have a high profile brand name the bad news is that people will only be typing their keyword needs into a search engine to find your website.

The good news is that if you research those keywords and focus on them with optimised content then people may well find your website.

This important session at the University details the key elements of Google's ranking algorithm. If there is one part of the lecture you watch THIS IS IT!

It details the importance of meta titles, meta descriptions and links in how Google ranks you.

Don't know what meta titles are? Then think of an iceberg with the bit above the water line as the part you see in your browser. Then think of all of the content below the waterline- that's the importance of a website's source code- and the important stuff that Google and browsers look at.

Getting this part is the most important thing that you can do. And the most cost effective marketing method.

The video can be watched here: Search engine optimisation- online marketing YouTube video.

 It lasts for 5 minutes and 30 seconds and may be the most important thing that you watch to promote your website.


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