Website Design Cheltenham lecture at the Gloucestershire University

Continuing the Website Design in Cheltenham’s series of videos at the University of Gloucestershire, here is part 2 about search engine optimisation.

Website Design Cheltenham lecture at the Gloucestershire UniversityThe lecture continued by looking at Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)- the most important- and cost effective way of promoting websites.

Based on his unique research which was undertaken in conjunction with and published by the Chartered Institute of Marketing- the world’s largest body of professional marketers, Simon Dye looked at the most important element of the online marketing mix.

Contrary to some people’s misguided thoughts- SEO is a science. It is a repeatable process that can be used for any subect- beit promoting blue widget maufacturers to selling quails or coffee.

It is “white hat”- if done ethically and following Google’s algorythms and strictures.

It may not be a “quick win” as some sites require considerable repairs to make them meet these requirements. But with patience and diligence success can be achieved.

The video can be watched here: Website Design Cheltenham- online marketing YouTube video.

 It lasts for 4 minutes and 53 seconds.