Website Design Cheltenham’s Gloucestershire University lecture Part One

The first part of Simon Dye of the Website Design Cheltenham’s lecture to the University of Gloucestershire was explaining the background to profitable online marketing.

Website Design Cheltenham's Gloucestershire University lecture Part One It started off by looking at the most important thing any business should be interested in- what is the most cost effect way of promoting my website?

Based on his unique reserach which was undertaken in conjunction with and published by the Chartered Institute of Marketing- the world’s largest body of professional marketers, he looked at the most important elemenst of the marketing mix.

He compared search engine optimisation, pay per click, affiliate marketing, PR, outdoor, direct mail, magazines, newspapers, radio and television elements of the marketing mix.

Not surprisingly the elements that used online marketing were the most cost effective.

The video can be watched here: Website Design Cheltenham- online marketing YouTube video.

 It lasts for 4 minutes and 53 seconds.