Website Redesigns and Secures Glos Credit Union

Website Design in Cheltenham has redesigned and secured the Gloucestershire Credit Union’s site.

Website Design in Cheltenham has redesigns and secured the Gloucestershire Credit Union's site.Website Design in Cheltenham  has already redesigned and built the Stroud Valley Credit Union‘s website in the County so taking over and upgrading the Glos Credit Union (GCU) site was a natural, logical extension of our secure and reliable services.

The existing GCU site had a series of issues which were highlighted when we had a review meeting at cyber security experts GCHQ a few months ago. As a result the Board of the GCU decided that major action was required to update the site to encourage greater customer usage by improving the security and resultant confidence in the site.

Now the website has a secure online application form so that people can apply for loans at their own convenience rather than relaying on slow, paper based applications. Which should also increase the number of applications.

Credit Unions are community organisations that offer a range of financial services to their members. They are locally based and ethically run offering an affordable way to borrow money as well as a safe and secure place to save it. Credit Unions are for everyone and serve everybody’s financial needs.

Credit union members make regular savings, as little or as much as they wish. These savings then form a common pool of money from which loans are made to members. Members who have been saving for a certain period of time (usually about 12 weeks) can apply for a loan at lower interest rates than those without savings. The interest charged on loans is the credit union’s income.

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Website Design Cheltenham bags Jack Straws Baskets

Website Design in Cheltenham has bagged Jack Straws Baskets.

Website Design in Cheltenham has bagged Jack Straws Baskets.Website Design in Cheltenham has been asked by Jack Straws Baskets to help them improve their online business.

The Jack Straws Baskets website has recently been mase responsive and secured with an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and although it has some pretty good optimisation and Google product keyword rankings according to the owner Susie Banforth it could do with a little sprinkling of our gold dust.

Accordingly we went through our usual routine with any new client: although we know where we want to be, we have to work out exactly where we are to be able to best plot the road map forward. Not only because we are not always where we think we are, but it also gives us a benchmark against which to measure our progress.

We therefore provided a detailed listing of all of the product keyword phrase results and worked out the exact number of new visitors to the website.

Armed with this knowledge we are working on improving the search engine optimisation (SEO) of the key pages including the main product pages.

In addition we are building appropriate links to attract greater credibility to the site and build news stories along the way- which will also bulk the site up and keep Google happy in the long term.

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Professional Voiceover artists climb the charts

Professional voice over artists at Andy Turvey are climbing the Google charts with Website Design Cheltenham.

Professional Voiceover artists climb the chartsAndy Turvey and his group of voiceover artists are shooting up the Google results charts with our search engine optimisation (SEO) help leading to more calls and new business for their businesses.

Andy is a long standing client who we have been happy and priviledged to help improve his business- and those of his colleagues.

So it’s pleasing both to him and us that his website is gaining global respectibility as it’s not just organisations in the UK but who commissioners in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the United States of America.

Voiceovers are used in a variety of uses- and not just the expected processes- in Audio Books, Cartoons, Commercials, Conferences, Digital Books, Documentaries, Exhibitions, Presentations, Training Courses, Toys and of course Websites.

As Andy has been working as a voiceover artist for over twenty seven years- he’s obviously pleased quite a few people who have volunteered the following thoughts;

“Andy’s work is always first class, from his voice over delivery, to the audio quality and excellent service he provides.”

“Andy is the most flexible, amiable and talented voice you could ever hope for.

“Meeting you, Andy, marked the beginning of the success of my business.

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Helicopter Training Gloucestershire tops Google

One of Website Design Cheltenham‘s clients- JK Helicopter Training are delighted to find themselves at the top of Google’s rankings.

Helicopter Training Gloucestershire tops GoogleWe had created a new helicopter website for our client James Kenwright who recently upgraded his training services at Gloucestershire, Staverton airport a few months ago.

James had approached us as he appreciated our professional, affordable website development services and he felt that we could help him progress his own business.

Not so long ago James commented : “I am mightily impressed how you have managed to get me so high up the Google listings in such a short space of time. We are ranked right up there with the big boys. Well done.”

However some of the other issues that we had to confront was the he faced a couple of large competitors who have been in business for a number of years- but our skills and experience of helping other organisations was able to beat the opposition.

James said this week: “Looks like we have taken the number one position on google!!! Well done!! That really is something. David is reigning over the Goliaths. That will put XXXX’s nose out of joint. I am most impressed.”

Simon Dye- the head of Website Design Cheltenham responded: “It’s a pleasure and privilege to help James. He is a true professional- just like us, and also like us he provides a service which is highly appreciated by his clients. So we expect him to grow from success to success.”

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Helicopter Training takes off in Gloucestershire

Helicopter Training is taking off in Gloucestershire with James Kenwright.

Helicopter Training takes off in GloucestershireJames Kenwright’s website is really taking off with Website Design Cheltenham‘s help.

At our monthly review- a normal service process to ensure that our clients are receiving great service as well as value for money, we are pleased to see that the amount of traffic that the site is now recieving has gone up by 135% during the month of July alone.

As well as building great search engine optimisation each and every website that we are asked to help with we also help our clients with an ongoing links building process.

These efforts are not just “spammy” links building but with manually finding reputable, search engine ranked websites and then asking them to give links to our clients’ websites.

Sometimes this happens quickly, however at other times it can take several months of repeatedly trying to get a specfic website to add a link.

As a result James said “I really appreciate the effort that you are putting into helping me and am really amazed that we are now outranking some of the big boys for our keyword terms.”

Simon replied “It is genuinely pleasing to help someone who is providing a great, professional service- which is so appreciated by his clients.”

We are professional, award winning internet experts who specialise in helping Gloucestershire businesses- large and small, to make money online since 1998. Not fly by night techies out for a fast buck.

So if you want help with your website and making it a profitable, top ranking website for new and existing customers- please contact us now to see how we can help you make money.

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