Website Design vital for helicopter trainers

Website Design Cheltenham is “vital” for Gloucestershire helicopter trainers James Kenwright.

Website Design Cheltenham is "vital" for Gloucestershire helicopter trainers James Kenwright. Two years ago James Kenwright approached us at Website Design Cheltenham to help him build a new site for his business of training helicopter pilots based at Staverton, Gloucestershire airport.

Whilst James had over twenty years experience of training helicopter pilots to pass thier PPL(H), he had always worked for others. Now he wanted to run his own training business.

He also knew that the a website would be the most profitable and practical way to build his business- so he needed someone who was very search engine optimisation (SEO) savvy.

The natural way to find a seo expert was to search Google- which is how he found us. But our SEO expertise was only part of his process- he wanted a local business which could understand his approach- and in whom he could trust and depend.

So after a couple of meetings together we were hired and I’m pleased to say that we have both grown from strength to strength since.

At our annual review meeting recently James commented “Simon has been absolutely vital to my business. We depend on our website to generate new business for us and we have been profitable every single month since my business was formed.”

“Every month we get new applications and new approaches so our business is growing and they are all coming from our website- so Simon’s SEO expertise is pivotal to our business. I’m happy to call them part of the James Kenwright Helicopter Training team.”

Praise indeed!

So, if you want to increase your business and your website’s sales then please contact us NOW or ring us on 01242 521967 now to see how we can help you to make money as well!
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Website Design Cheltenham wins Broad Oak Furniture

Website Design in Cheltenham has been asked to help the Broad Oak Furniture site.

Website Design in Cheltenham has been asked to help the Broad Oak Furniture siteThe Stroud online furniture business Broad Oak Furniture has asked Website Design in Cheltenham to help them increase their online sales from their site.

Having been referred by another of our happy clients to Richard Andrews the Sales Director- we sat down and reviewed their current site with a view of working out their current situation to enable us to help them going into the future.

Without giving out confidential information, it became clear from looking at Google’s analysis that there are search engine optimisation issues.

Nothing calamitous, but enough to cause issues with their rankings. Consequently we have agreed a course of actions and activities which will expect will boost their rankings- as well as to improve the sales conversions when people do actually find the site.

So, if you want a great ranking website which makes you money please contact us now or ring us on 01242 521967 now to see how we can help you to make money as well!
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Website Design Cheltenham updates ARG site

Website Design in Cheltenham has updated the ARG site.

Website Design in Cheltenham has updated the ARG site
Longstanding client ARG Networks asked Website Design Cheltenham to update thier WordPress website.

Last year we completely rebuilt the site and updated it from a Joomla environment to a WordPress format. This enabled us to be able to improve not only it’s search engine optimisation- but also included making it responsive so that it can be seen properly on computers, notepads and smart phones.

Also- and most importantly for a technology company, we were able to improve it’s security and robustness.

As the world moves on, so ARG asked us to update some of the content, optimisation, layout and navigation. Which were delighted to do.

ARG were founded in 1974 and operates from modern premises in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. The wide range of products that they offer today are based on thire strong technical background in the Telecoms and Broadcast industries.

ARG have built a reputation for reliability and thier customers trust their equipment with their safety and their assets. ARG are proud of thier heritage, and constantly update thier products to continue providing cost effective solutions.

Which is why they asked us to help them maintain thier online presence.

So, if you want help with maintaining your website and improving your global business’s processes and sales- please contact us now or ring us on 01242 521967 now to see how we can help you to make money as well!
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Helicopter Training takes off in Gloucestershire

Helicopter Training is taking off in Gloucestershire with James Kenwright.

Helicopter Training takes off in GloucestershireJames Kenwright’s website is really taking off with Website Design Cheltenham‘s help.

At our monthly review- a normal service process to ensure that our clients are receiving great service as well as value for money, we are pleased to see that the amount of traffic that the site is now recieving has gone up by 135% during the month of July alone.

As well as building great search engine optimisation each and every website that we are asked to help with we also help our clients with an ongoing links building process.

These efforts are not just “spammy” links building but with manually finding reputable, search engine ranked websites and then asking them to give links to our clients’ websites.

Sometimes this happens quickly, however at other times it can take several months of repeatedly trying to get a specfic website to add a link.

As a result James said “I really appreciate the effort that you are putting into helping me and am really amazed that we are now outranking some of the big boys for our keyword terms.”

Simon replied “It is genuinely pleasing to help someone who is providing a great, professional service- which is so appreciated by his clients.”

We are professional, award winning internet experts who specialise in helping Gloucestershire businesses- large and small, to make money online since 1998. Not fly by night techies out for a fast buck.

So if you want help with your website and making it a profitable, top ranking website for new and existing customers- please contact us now to see how we can help you make money.

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My Marketing Stuff helping businesses

My Marketing Stuff- the one stop shop SME business development portal is now official.

My Marketing Stuff helping businessesAt a meeting today at the offices of APT Marketing in Cheltenham, the official legal papers were signed to create My Marketing Stuff.

My Marketing Stuff is a conglomeration and amalgamation of the online marketing expertise of Simon Dye of Website Design Cheltenham,  the IT expertise of James Ecendance and John Pratt of Frank Domains and the marketing and business development expertise of Angela and Victoria Petkovic- Short from APT Marketing.

My Marketing Stuff is designed to help Small and Medium Enteprises (SMEs) as a “one stop shop” where a business can create, design, host and build all of their marketing and branding elements in one place.

My Marketing Stuff will initially launch with four products- the basics of any business: domain name registrations, website hosting and design,  logo design and email marketing.

The intention is to create a clear process so that the pricing is simple and straightforward with a pick n mix choice of services.

The official launch is possibly as soon as next month. So keep your eyes and ears peeled!

Gloucestershire Chambers is formed

The Gloucestershire Chambers organisation was formed this morning.

At a meeting at Michael Raftciffe’s offices at M R Ratcliffe Consultants Ltd at Wolseley House, Wolseley Terrace,  Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL50 1TH with Simon Dye of Website Design Cheltenham, Angela De Souza of Womens Business Club and Nigel Knowlman of Sunnyfield Marketing in attendance this morning- 17th April 2014 the company Gloucestershire Chambers Limited was registered and the website domain name Gloucestershire Chambers organisation was also registered.

The purpose of the new Gloucestershire Chamber organisation is twofold.

Firstly, to help promote businesses in Gloucestershire to improve their businesses and gain more income as a result.  A virtual “win win”.

Secondly, to help Chambers and Commercial Associations around Gloucestershire to promote, educate and network with thier members- and to recruit more members within thir geographical areas.